This is really well done man. I have to admit, it’s not really the vibe of choice for me, but I can’t really fault any specific creative choices,it’s just a matter of taste.

Engineering wise, I think you could vary the stereo spread of the main piano arp thing, maybe add some more modulation / movement in general to it. With those low snares, I think they could be a bit cleaner, in the sense that the attack doesn’t sound very clear to me, I’d really work on carving out space in the mix for them (maybe with some sidechaining) and making the transients a bit faster and clearer, it might just be a matter of better compression, or shaving off the front a bit. Right now they have a bit of a smeared texture, not as round and precise as they could be.

Honestly though, this is all nitpicking, because I said I’d give feedback, overall nice work man!

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