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wicked, missed the last couple so I’m onboard this one. Any notable stories to share from previous times?

Everything Sample Genie mentioned, plus as one of the main organizers of the challenges, I’ve seen them pull people out of the woodwork, allow people to connect and collaborate, create a spark of an idea for some people, and push some people to write music because there were deadlines to submit.

For myself, I have several projects swapped with one artist, I’ve got another collab that has been sitting with me for too long but I will be getting back on it (sorry for the hold up Freeman!), and I’ve created some sketches for challenges that I ended up finishing up, with one getting in the last demo round up. Some of the challenges have pushed me to try ideas and approaches outside of my usual too.

We’ve got a few challenge ideas ready for 2020, and always looking for suggestions.

"Knowledge kept is knowledge lost." - Bobbito Garcia

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