Reply To: Bass re sampling techniques ?


Yeah man its a lot of trial and error. The more you do it the better you get at knowing whats (potentially?) best, speeding up your sound design time. I spent all last year doing this and there would be full days where Id just be resampling basses not getting any where, and days where it’d end up with something cool fast.

I usually resample most my mid basses from my sub. I throw all kinds of different distortion and amps on it with EQing as well. Then I just see what works and try different filtering from there. So if I have my sub groove ill throw on an amp or trash or abletons stock saturator then maybe serum FX and then just try random filter plug ins like wow filter or fab filter volcano etc. Ill also loop say an 8 bar phrase and then record my self automating anything, say over drive, with a couple things then ill have potentially a bit to grab from that recording

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