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Loudness is a byproduct of the sound design & mixing process, not necessarily a primary goal, per se, so you won’t really find much on “loudness” specifically…meaning there aren’t really classes with the word “loudness” in the subject.

From the archives, these are some classes that can get you on your way (this is not an all-inclusive list, just some highlights from me):

I like Jade & MNDSCP’s neuro bass class, which is mostly foundation info, but to me good mixing involves keeping the base-level stuff in mind

Disprove has a great drum lesson for creating punchy yet rowdy drums

DC Break’s has some good bass creation classes that will hold up in any mix

QZB’s stuff is really great for just clean sounds implemented well in mixes

All of Joe Ford’s stuff, where he shows how to create sounds with oomph and then to his mixing class (Mixdown Workshop) where he goes over getting mixes that really punch and retain db’s (although he does stuff completely differently now…it’s a journey, y’know?).

Finally, what I have found is that loudness comes from: 1) picking the right sounds and accentuating the parts of those sounds that work, 2) creating sidechain rigs that allow hero sounds to “poke through” at the right times (dynamic eq can be your friend here), 3) generous helpings of harmonic saturation

Hope that helps, best of luck

_-| get to work |-_

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