Cheers man, i appreciate it 🙂

1: Well i dont have except really using my imagination, i guess it take a bit of practice with mind to imagine certain melodies. But from the technical side, it is interesting what can be accomplished with layered synths instead of using just one. They all seem to glue together with very wet reverb and then exported as a long sample note only to be imported again as a processed meat for piano roll and there we go to 3 channel split a bit of distortion maybe and openings with filters to move it or pehaps a chorus / flanger. infinite possibilities. you always leave the roughest part of the synth part for the uplifting naturally. Also best way to find inspiration, buy some synths! real ones, not vsti’s. I got Juno and i literally have around 500 hours of sessions recorded, with no particular goal its just wonderful to express ideas for no reason at all. Drop is not that hard, instead of listening the tunes dissect them into properties, any tune you have either me or noisia or just dissect it into individual screws, now you see its just screws and metal and plastic. You have all those materials at your possesion already on your hard drive right there. its just hard to construct a machine without manual, but eventually its a matter of numbers of trials. Also buy access virus ti snow. you wont regret it.

While some people and old chaps think that sidechain shouldnt be pushed too much, i think opposite. Sidechain has its sounddesign quality and its not a technical thing anymore, its a signature, theres numerous ways to play with it, either multibanded or pure volume. I think sidechain is a good effect when it comes to big soundsystems it allmost creates this vacuum science fiction atmosphere in loads of tracks. And even more, try sidechaining stuff that should not be sidechained 😉 because its just automated volume. How do you think they put so much sound effects into transformers movie in one scene? Even old chaps should look wider.

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