I think im a little bit mad, surely something does happen after extensive listening to uncontrolled sounds and eerie places, but these experiences are one of a kind and priceless, there is just obsession and nothing else. once you get to know that routine, you’re not really on earth mentally.

i think its a fl studio kinda thing, sometimes even put kick layer in harmor and layer it with the original, sometimes a bit of vocodex on one of layer, to bring the harmonics and then glue them with preffered compression. usually works best. that plastic comes out. i love it because that plastic kinda reminds you of something profoundly AI / robotic /. you mix that with dirt and you got yourself a real cyberpunk thing.

lots of things changed after intrusion, well to be honest intrusion was even a bit under creative control, to please the label. a sacrifice for greater releases, i had horus and probes and red surface even before intrusion, but yeah. creativity vs industry. even now i changed loads of ways of sample manipulation and approach, and still people are sometimes afraid to release it, therefor now ill definitelly put those tracks on methlab label and my own label called metnem.

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