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I’m sorry to drop such a huge bunch of questions on you, this is the only time I will be so cheeky as to ask so much in the Q&A’s. I’ve bought almost every tutorial Sample Genie has in the vault. I’ve spent 8 hours a day for the past year, also scouring youtube and google. I’ve really put the work in… when I listen back to my catalogue of demo’s I notice they all suffer from the same sort of issues.

I just want to add that most of my issues seem to appear when pushing the limiter. If I mix my tunes with plenty of headroom they actually sound okay, even if I jack up the gain on my soundcard it will sound alright at high levels. As soon as I bring up the limiting, the low end reaches it first (if I reduce the volume of the sub to compensate, the sub sounds distant and that ruins the mix even though it appears to hit the same level of -6 on SPAN). The mud range seems almost implicit on all my mixes unless I do some weird drastic EQ curve to the bass.

About Q8, the issue about high end sounds distorting and becoming resonant messes actually seems to be when I’ve pushed the limiter to around -6 LUFS. All my pretty sounds sound like shit then. My limiting seems destructive, so maybe I missed a principle. My music sounds best at around -8 or -9 LUFS, pushed any harder it falls apart.

People ask alot of the same questions, so I wanted to provide context on my problems specifically in hopes that it can highlight my flaws hence the giant wall of text which I am truly sorry for.

Thank you so so much! It means a lot.

[[EDIT: I guess it makes sense to share my music so you can actually hear what my issues might be. After 6 months of learning DNB, I read that I should be finishing tracks to improve. Then I made this project:

After those 6 months, I started another project for 2020:

The second project has more liquid focus.]]

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