Reply To: Getting back into work


When I feel uninspired, I spend at least 4 hours in the DAW, and something always happens to spark me up.

This is a hard-nosed approach, not for everyone…but I know that deep down I want it, and lack of inspiration, to me anyways, is just a disconnect between my desires (heart) and my ideas+abilities (brain).

I live on small wins…and if I can get any kind of win in on any session, that fuels me to return.

Again, not for everyone, but more than anything, I find this works for me. And i should note that for MANY of those four hour sessions, I have absolutely despised the first 1-3 hours. Pissed off, nothing working, not making anything decent, bag of bullshit. But if I stay there, something *always* happens. Small wins.

_-| get to work |-_

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