Reply To: Legality of Samples


We’d need to look into this and will also ask foreign concept about it, but as far as we know there is law in music that means you can only be prosecuted for the amount of money you have made from the track. So aside from major Radio play, or commercial release, the big name singers are unlikely to track down the producer of a D&B Track, even if it’s an underground killer..

Survey’s latest release on Noisia’s label ‘Invisible’ features a very blatant sample of Marvin Gaye.. so even at that level it still seems to be used. Although the fact Marvin is dead may change things, but even then someone still owns the rights to that music..

The other thing to mention is that you resample, pitch, process it so it sounds less like the original 😀

Will see if we can get some more advice on this for you…

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