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I like parallel eq , especially over a period of time, e.g. if you slowly suck suck the highs out of a pad sound whilst some brittle crusty percussion creeps in over 32bars, (for example).

When done slickly over time it can be like audio voodoo almost, keeping a listeners attention when they’re unsure why since little seems to have changed in the track.

I’ve been using an envelope follower mapped to a gain on an eq on another track, say if you have a 50hz kick & a 50 hz sub, whenever the envelope follower senses the kick hit it’ll subtractively eq out the 50hz region of the sub, like an alternative to compression. I had a lot of atmos/pads grouped onto a bus with an eq ducking the 250hz region where my snare was because the envelope follower was on my snare track mapped to the gain of the eq on the bus

Actually just ignore my waffle & watch the above! 😉

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