Reply To: Made Neurofunk tune after 8 years break


Hey Luke,

Cool sounding track, unusual rhythm on the drop.
The intro is interesting and dreamy, great work.

Has some distinct psy trance elements in there, which is not all that common in d&b and things like that can be a positive…

It has all the atmosphere and futurism of a drum and bass track; pulses, snarls and suspense.

At the moment the clear ‘drive’ of the tune is perhaps not strong enough.
The underlying groove interaction of the drums and bass is a perhaps not as powerful as it could be.
Perhaps the mix sounds a little distant too? Too much atmosphere and reverb deeping the tune out. Could more dryness help bring the energy and power?

Maybe there is room for some more originality in the snare-tail?

More low end pressure needed in general. Always remember this genre is DRUM and BASS.

Hope this helps, and massive well done for getting back onto the dnb after 8 years! If this is your first track in that time… very good!

All the best

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