Reply To: Sample Genie Challenge Series 2020, episode 02 May


Ok genie weenies, as promised I have put together the user-submitted sample pack and it can be downloaded from here:

This pack includes 156 audio samples and 9 Serum presets, plenty of weaponry to get something grafted and crafted for this challenge.

The guidelines for the challenge are: use this kit to build a tune, either partial or full tune. You can use other samples, synths, etc, I’m not trying to shake up anyone’s work flow too much, but try and lean heavily into this pack to create something AWESOME.

Big up to our sample contributors: Ransom, Fake, Impex, Merkury, and yours truly, the friendly neighborhood Shrike.

btw – some of my presets will require the wavetable I included in the presets folder, and I think you just need to copy the whole folder (called “Massive 3-Analog-Electric – N4N4KI”) to the root of your “tables” Serum directory. If you need help with this just let me know.

MAKE BIG TINGS, big up the quarantine massive!!!!!!


_-| get to work |-_

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