Reply To: How to speed up the mixing process?


I personally try not to get too caught up in spending ages tweaking every single part of the track, as you say it can end up taking forever and I just get bored/annoyed with the track.

For similar elements that don’t play at the same time (eg. Different fx, sweeps) I use the same channel for multiple sounds to save having to process multiple channels. And I make use of bussing as much as I can.

I’m trying to force myself to strip back my tunes to as few elements as needed, both to save time and because I think the simpler a track can be the better. Majority of my favourite professional tunes out there are pretty simple rather than the crowded, complex ones, but it depends what you’re in to and what you’re aiming for I guess.

Getting the drums, bass & vibe of the track nailed should take most of the time rather than stressing about processing on the less important sounds I reckon

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