Reply To: Mako?


I would guess its just sound selection man. He is just using the right sounds that give it that vibe. If i was going for that sound i would probably avoid synths as much as possible.

For the drums just dig around for old school breaks chop them up in a sampler re program them. so much you can do once you have these hits in kontakt.

You could try messing around with multiband distortion on the drums i can hear some nice low mid distortion on some of the kick drums which i think helps with that old school sound.

so making a tight band and moving that around and ruffing up some of the mid kick frequencies could work, its so easy for things to sound too clean with all the technology we have today.

for the bass i would be making really simple sounds in a synth then bounce and load into kontakt then adding layers of filtering/distortion/ tape emulation. just bit by bit trying to mould them into something that sounds a bit ruff and old school.

Im not sure if this helps at all you are probably well aware of all these things. I would suggest checking some of fanus tutorials he is a break master and tends to have that oldschool vibe in his tracks.


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