Reply To: Mixing Hi-Hats


such a hard thing to get right ae. It can definitely make or break a mix in some cases. totally depends on the tune. Some things to try: limit yourself to two main hat sounds get them working its all a real drummer would really be capable of doing if you cant get them working maybe different samples are needed.

Dont have them the driving force ie too loud in the mix just a little sizzle on top of the drums, or the total opposite have them very direct and clear need to be very nice samples and complement everything else for this, in this case they can sometimes help the whole transient of the kick/snare providing the top end and sharpness to them. Removing the attack of them can help them sound smoother in the mix and not jump out or hurt your ears so much. side chaining them can help them groove with the drums so much better most of the time.

changing the samples pitch ever so slightly threw out the sequence. sending to a buss and also some kind of sub bass to the same buss distorting until the sub makes the hihat break up then eqing out the sub sound is a cool effect to get that broken up hihat sound some of pspn2o distortions work well for this.

Some ideas hope that might help but yea something i struggle with too.

cheers mate

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