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As far as loudness, it’s not important imho. A balanced, good mix will yield excellent results with only 1-2 db of limiting and 1 db of clipping. The more space you have in your mix, the louder it will sound, mixed the right way. I always identify what the core of the song is, then make sure those elements have the space they need to sound big in the mix. Loudness happens on channels and bus’es. Not master. If you need to limit more than 3-4 DB on peaks, then the problem lies elsewhere in the mix. I explained analyzer targets before hitting 0 in your DAW in my tutorial. If you follow those, and envelope shape your mix well, then the master will be loud.
As far as mastering, a balanced mix will always give a loud punchy master. The style is less important I find. A lot of producers engineer for loudness, but too much of the soul gets lost for me in those instances. Impressive, yes, but this isn’t a science competition ?

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