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Curious what tips for Bass Sound Design you would offer. Tools, techniques and tricks etc.

And how do you go about writing your tracks. Is it Drum and Bass first or atmosphere and intro sounds like Dom talks about?

– No rules, ever. why would you put limits on your creativity? I decide on key and go from there. I also make loads of stuff in that key and treat my own stuff like samples. Then combie elements from the different parts into new parts and re process them agai. It’s endless, sampling is fun, but man, doing it yoursef is so much more fun!

Also, do you have any advice for sample selection and pitching and layering sounds?

– I rarely sample anymore, as that is a very touchy subject. I re create samples if I want something similar, but that usually leads to something entirely different.
The rest is pretty basic stuff, play around until you get somewhere.

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