Reply To: Productions tips and techniques

,Sunken Forest

Wicked thread idea! And big up on the tunes you’ve been putting out Ewol.

So here’s a little tip that I’ve been really enjoying recently, and it’s sort of like a more interesting version of the Haas effect. This is pretty specific to Ableton but I’m sure a workaround could be made in most DAWs.

If I have a mono sample I want to add more stereo width to, instead of creating a duplicate, hard panning and offsetting one in milliseconds, I’ve been using the Ableton grain delay plugin. Set the delay mode to time and adjust in milliseconds to taste (good idea to have an imaging plug in up when doing this), then the secret sauce is to add a tiny amount of random pitch.

This effectively makes the delayed version slightly different to each hit, creating a bit more of a natural spread due to the difference in each “channel”.

So there’s mine.

Cheers guys, I look forward to hearing more from the other members 🙂

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