I usually have the drums on separate group channels as – kick, snare, hats, breaks.
Mindscape makes even more groups, and connects all beats into a beat master channel.
I like to have them separated like this.
Kick and Snare channels always have these kind of plugins:
-transient shaping (Transient Master or Transient Shaper) it’s important for having those snappy clear hits. Attack up, Sustain to your taste.
-EQ (FabFilter Pro Q) EQing is the art of melding the samples into the environment, hence there is no global trick here, every sample needs different EQing.
-Distortion, saturation. This gives the beef part, but don’t overdo it! The more distortion you use the more dynamics you loose. My favorites right now are the D16 plugins, Camel Phat, and the Sausage Fattener.
-Compression. That’s up to you as well what kind of sound are you after. I use the FabFilter plugins here.
-Reverb – slight room reverb on the snare, nothing on the kick. Hat’s can have more!
-Stereo enhancement on the hats, breaks (iZotope)

I have both the kick and the snare as the triggers for the sub sidechain compressor (FabFilter Pro C2)

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