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Can someone explain to me how artists like Buunshin, Abis, Missin, IHR, Imanu approach their sound design, and have such clean full tunes? Sorry for the noobie and dumb question ;(

It’s probably THE main question that everyone new to this always asks themselves… it’s the battle of every producers life.

As Joppa says, these guys have all done tutorials with us. But getting this result lies in every stage of production, to all of our tutorials are telling you how to do this!

Some other tips:

– Quality starting sounds and samples
– stripped back tunes, with not too many elements
– have all the sounds turned UP – loud and proud
– EQ out frequencies below 150hz on pretty much everything that’s not Kick and sub bass (not an exact rule)
– Limit and compress in stages
– Make sure your elements sit in their own space in the frequency spectrum
– Don’t overly limit everything… leaving some dynamics makes it all sound cleaner
– Use reverb VERY sparingly

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