Reply To: Mixing Hi-Hats


Hey Basi, what i meant was to not use a distorted sub but a clean sine sub note and route that to a buss with a hat loop of some sort then distort them as a group and then highpass to remove the bass. I usually just use one sub note for a 2bar hat/ride/noise loop and then bounce and play around with it in audio. If you do it with a distorted bass and then highpass you will still have the tops of the distorted bass with the hats which you generally wouldn’t want, yup signal explains it perfectly he also shows another way of doing it with camelphat. you can do it with pretty much any distortion. i quite like doing it with ozone limiter on the first setting and set to as fast as possible and crank the threshold. Also once you have the distortion and highpass set up play around with the levels of sub and hats going into that group and even the pitch of the sub to get it just how you want it. hope that cleared things up dude.

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