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Absolutely with regards to the critism, constructive or otherwise, we can only progress with views / opinions / comments… to me it’s all good.

The ‘hiss’ on the snare.. might be due to coming from AD2 kit – might be the rattle on it (might try a gate, since bounced down and using samples more), with a bit of crunch then parallel DevilLoc on a parallel drum track. Oh and a Groove Agent adding a bit more kick and snare on the standard kick//snare//kicksnare pattern. Just gone back in to ease off the crunch a bit, and cut the tail a touch to ease off the rattle – good call, does tighten it in more.

The bassline, yeah I like it a lot, has that sort of b-boyness about it IMO, especially with the stuttery respond, and it is a more weighty bass (sort of harking back to my old raving days, before midrange bass took over). The mid bass (have split into 3, sub/mid/high with Spire as a subby end + a Kontakt with resampled Virus for both call and respond, just the Virus parts are two resampled sounds so same sort of patch just different sub section from a bounce. May look at the mid range part agian as it’s quite a bit lower in the mix, but it’s got a Trash on it too, so don’t want to over cook the bacon there 😀 EDIT: ok just threw the mid into the frying pan, yeah see what you’re saying, the high end does have a little reverb to give space for that, but now the mid gets a bit more in the light

Have been stripping back a bit, there are some overlapping sounds of course, I’ve taken some reverb off the vocal sample to make it more intelligible, which always helps, since that’s the key point to the tracks title. I do analyse tracks using Ozone too, to see if I’m close to the sound I’m going for (not emulating, that’s not the point, more going for ‘ballpark’ and keeping the sound mine). Been tweaking here and there, but loving Cubse to bits now, seriously solid.

And thanks for the pointers too, appreciated bud 😀

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