Reply To: Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO Headphones?


interesting read. he’s rocking the 990’s, kinda like the open back version of the 770’s. I don’t have a headphone amp, but I’m using an audio interface with a high powered amp. Funny thing is, Rillium mentions his audio interface during his gear breakdown, but never mentions a headphone amp with his 300ohm headphones. I used to own the exact same audio interface as he did and I had to get rid of it when I purchased my 250ohm Sennheiser HD650s because the built in headphone amp wouldn’t drive the cans properly at all. I picked up a MOTU M2 audio interface. It has an ESS driven headphone output. I don’t claim to know much about amps, but it seems to push my 300ohm cans fine and everything I’ve read online and when speaking to MOTU seems to indicate the interface has more than enough power to push high impedance headphones… although at times I still wonder if I need one and if it would make much of a difference. I definitely know my other two interfaces would have needed an amp.

I don’t understand all the amp specs and there meanings, but from what I could find\understand on the MOTU’s headphone amp, it seems to be on par or close to some of the Schiit headphone amps (which I know a lot of people seem to use).

Maybe I should grab one of the lower impedance versions just to be safe, although something tells me I’m gonna end up getting a amp one of these days just to quench my curiosity on the subject.

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