Reply To: New tune: rom feat. sabice – prisoners (free DL)

,dave [rom]

Thanks for all the feedback! Sorry i’m just noticing the replies .. anyone know if there’s a way to turn on email notifications for forum post replies, etc.?

working on the beats getting them to cut through could a good thing to focus on next.

Most definitely. Probably my main struggle in the studio is obsessing over drum engineering for far so long that I’m too fatigued to get any creative flow going. For this tune, i had the vocal samples to work with, which really helped get the vibe rolling. I tried to mix/master as much as possible throughout the whole process but there are definitely still some rough bits, as Chris pointed out with the hard-panned hats. Thanks to the Jade & Mindscape tutorial, I’ve started using the Pancake plugin to take a lot of the manual labor out of cymbal/perc panning! =]

perhaps too long at 6.47…

Totally. The second drop was honestly a piss take because i basically just layered up all the other parts of arrangement that I had used so far. Totally a cop-out hahah. My main goal right now is just to make whole tunes with something at least in the neighborhood of a vibe. The engineer hat is heavy though, and it’s usually hard for me to take it off and wear the artist one for a bit ;]

Speaking of, it would be cool to get some little production challenges going on the forum. Like, someone from the SG team posts an idea/theme/whatever for a tune and we have a week or a month or so to make the tune, either alone or collab’ing with other members. Could be anything from a sample set that’s provided or you have go sample a particular movie or something. Not so much a competition, more a fun exercise that gets people to make finished tunes – and potentially cool opportunities for us to collab with each other. And if the Genies could give feedback, that would also kick ass! Thoughts?

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