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Hey Mircea,

It’s still a good question and one we welcome as we aim to keep this sound alive, but keeping it fresh at the same time…

A Reese is quite a broad term really, but it’s mostly about de-tuning waves to create some movement in the sound, then processing this is different ways. Distortion playing a big part.
In terms of the origins the Wikipedia entry rings accurate to us:

The bassline of Saunderson’s 1988 track “Just Want Another Chance” (released under his “Reese” pseudonym on Incognito Records[7]) became very influential in the jungle and drum and bass music genres.[8][9] Notable releases incorporating the “Reese Bassline” include Renegade’s “Terrorist” (Moving Shadow, 1994),[10] “Pulp Fiction” by Alex Reece (Metalheadz, 1995) and “Sonar” by DJ Trace (Prototype Recordings, 1998).[11] The bassline itself was performed by a Casio CZ-5000 using simple subtractive synthesis.[12]

To get the style of Reese you mentioned this tutorial from Sub Focus many years ago will be of help:

Also this thread is nearly as famous as the actual sound itself 😉

Hope this helps!

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