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Just some quick things I can think of, although I’m probably not someone with enough experience to have a clue really.

Regarding a Reece, have a try boosting the mids with some multiband distortion/splitting the frequencies so you can treat the mids seperately from bass and treble and pushing them hard followed by carving them back down and cutting into them further with some clever EQ placements.

Reverb on a buss can be dope if you set it well and adjust the levels of the sends appropriately but it doesn’t need to be your only reverb, experiment with different types on different sounds.

To make a song with structure you need to use your imagination and think about the story you are conveying with your sounds. Once you know what each sound is trying to say you can create the conversation between each part. Listen to your favourite tunes and hear how they build a story and how each sound plays with the next. Or you could just load in another track and look how it is structured to get an idea what is tried and tested.

There is a video on youtube of Goldie talking about how he and Heist made single petal of a rose and if you pay attention you could pick up some tricks for song structure there.

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