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this is wicked mate,

in terms of the mixdown I’d possibly suggest giving the kicks some attention Andrej. With DnB as well as any other Electronic Dance genre (hate saying EDM) the kick and snare have to be snarling and punching through HARD otherwise they’ll come across flabby on a p.a system, for instance.

A good bit of advise (which you may already do so apologies if this is the case) is to have a seperate session to work on kicks/snares/bass/whatever else so you can hone in on individual specifics.
Use a reference like a professional sample pack kick and see where the sweet spots are on a frequency analyzer (span from voxengo is a commonly used one, and the free version is sick!) usually fundamental lives around 75-100hz upto 250hz then more often then not a lot of activity in the ‘snap’ of a kick, anywhere around 1k to 10k (bare in mind this is a very vague indication of frequency as a lot of kick sounds vary, we could get deep on this but for now, keep it simple).

Get a transient tool to help bring out some snap then appropriate use of compression/limiting – bounce, process again.
A lot of focus on re-sampling is with bass but don’t hesitate to try this method with kicks and snares as well! Layer the f*ck out of stuff man!

A lot of the time i (and many others) get a track from some of the monsters of the scene (Noisia/Rockwell) import a track in my project and get a spectrum analyzer to see where their snares/kicks are hitting and thats always a good indication.

Hope this helps mate.

Mike (Scartip)

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