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– Do you guys use any hardware? Any synths? Got myself one or two lately and find them so much fun to get hands dirty. Analog/digital they are all good fun and sound different than anything in the box and sometimes it’s cool to leave “the box” turned off and jam/design

-Do you sidechain your kick as well as snare to be ducking sub out of the way? I’ve heard that way you could get more punch out and loudness.

-Any distortion trick? On drums/mid/high bass? Do you always eq before distorting?

-Mixing into 2bus limiter/comp; what do you make of it? And if you get all mixed, is it ok to send it to mastering, as the 2bus processing becomes so much what makes the tune- seems impossible to take it off. Then again some mastering guys want 3-6 db headroom. Should i just pull the final fader down and leave the limiter working?

-How many and what kind of reverbs/delays are you using? Coming out of stock they usually are very big and wide. How to you process them to sit niceley in the mix? Some mono fx for contrast or just lessen the wideness…?

all the best guys!

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