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Hey Guys,

Fellow kiwi here, I guess my question isn’t as much about production (I know I probably should but there will be plenty of q’s on that on this forum). Its more about the general state of the scene and in particular the neurofunk scene. Do you think its healthy at the moment? I find I cant stand alot of new stuff coming out and although its just my opinion, I just feel like the music is lacking in some of the elements that I love in people like yourself and Black Sun. The dark melodies, the dynamics of the tracks, the dark themes the imagery and just track construction. Its very Abrasive I feel and in some cases just crunching and grinding like jump up or something.

Eg. your track moonbox is one of my favs in recent memory. Has so many elements I love about neuro and dnb in general. Do you feel like the scene is lacking some of these elements? How do you guys personally try to integrate new techniques but still retaining the elements some of your tracks are so famous for. Sorry I know thats probably a little convoluted but any insight is appreciated.



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