There are multiple ways, but you know that they all depend on their own variables, so you need to search for variables in terms of what sits best on each other, and you can do that by first let the reece sidechain this foley, then try vice versa, some sharp fast movements can glue this trough good sidechain. Other approach can is highpass one channel lowpass other and find their good coexisting middle, then try both of these approaches sidechain plus filtering, try a distortion at their meeting channel where you send them on one channel. and then third aproach is you timestretch for a bit just to check if a good moment happens on both of them until you find something interesting. once you set up this modus operandi save it as a template “reece and foley research” so you open it and try replacing samples and record those sessions until you record hours of these and find the best pieces to cut it.

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