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Earlier this summer I picked up ‘Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers’ by Dennis DeSantis, who also wrote Ableton Live’s manual. I thought it was an easy read, you can just take in a chapter (2 to 5 pages usually), and skip around. I marked a few to re-visit, and will keep it around for a while. Also it’s not DAW specific, it’s ideas that can transpose to any DAW or music writing in general. I don’t know if you can track down a physical copy, but digital copies around widely available. Info:

Last summer I read ‘How Music Works’ by David Bryne (2012), was more about psychological aspects of music, the spaces music is listened to, and how the major label music industry works.

Outside of what I guess are widely known production forums and sites, I like some of the stuff on Attack Magazine’s site (

And then I fell in to a group on Facebook that has been pretty good, the Heavyweight Bass closed group:

It’s run by Klaus ‘Heavyweight’ Hill, who was a big breakbeat producer years ago, and so a lot of the active people in that group seem to be from that scene, but the information has been really good. They don’t tolerate some things, but are loose on others. If you’re looking for gear & plug-in chat, without seeing “check out my new track” & release promotion posts, it’s worth checking out.

"Knowledge kept is knowledge lost." - Bobbito Garcia

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