Hi Adis!

Whats your oppinion on this wierdness:

Its solid, but arrangement wise its more of a tool for mixing than an actual track due to no intro and no buildup development. production wise it sounds okay and in place.

Question 1: I often found myself to overdistort things. I have finally figured out which is works for me, but i would be intrested to have some practical tips on distortions?

We live in the distortion century actually, so it is a matter of main artists to go over the edge just like what happened with electronic harness of drum and bass bests discoveries and exploiting our treasures to edm. So what they dont understand yet after all those wobbles and screamers is that overdistortion is the new old cool thing, and i think now its all about who has more metal teeth to tear the cones apart on the club systems. So it is trully madmax time for the dnb scene and there is never enough distortions, where some very cool results happen with overdoing sessions.

Question 2: Can you advice a nice sample manipulation tool besides samplers?

Reaktor is El Dorado for that. Not much people understand the potential of vast community making sample manipulation ensembles, but i do and i can tweak some when i get bored since the architecture is open.

Question 3: Do you find Sherman Filterbank useful?

Very, very, useful.

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