Greetings Adis I’m a long term listener/lover of the music/sound design you create, I think its very important for sound/music that art like this is created so we progress more as a species in to the unexplored.
I am still new to this world but am determined to go deeper and darker, more science fiction more layers more weird.. maybe you have some directions?
This is a version of just a track I have done recently, mixdown is clean but I think too clean, sterile and not enough layers. I have been analyzing your releases, just figured main bass sounds are near fully mono, this seems important. I guess I am taking this opportunity to thank you already for how you have altered my imagination and opened my eyes to the next levels of production/sound design and what is possible and also what is possible but not made yet.
Track is Butterfly, to me butterfly is a huge crystalline being who is worshiped like a god figure by those who fear it because they don’t understand it. There aren’t enough sounds in the production to tell the story, intro also ended up representing jungle/anime to me, thank you for your time and much love,

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