ruben d ruiz

greetings, love the work also you’re versatility been an FL power user.

how do you battle writers block and i’m an FL12 user should i go back to 10 or continue under 12?

You fight writers block by going in the nature, We forget how loud the cities are. In other ways, i find drawing a very good practice to keep my synaesthesia strong and alive, and drawing does help in keeping this audiovisual bridge streaming with crossover inspirations. If all of that fails, i strongly reccomend becoming an anime enthusiast 😉

track feedback:

You need some more time overall around all the elements here, drums needs more punch to it, track dynamic as well, more sub, knowing what to put in front and what in back. Most of these lessons you can find on this website, from drum processing to different bassline approaches, so take your time in analysing these videos as they will surely improve the things lacking in this track, and future projects.

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