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it’s an honor for me to be able to ask you some questions Messrs!
Said that, in the bassline workshop video you’ve mentioned that usually produce in a different studio than the one where you have shot the video.
Depending on what do you choose the studio that’s right for you?
If the answer maybe should be too “revealing” and too long to be written here, which hardware or which technique deemed essential to fully carry out your audio production? Is there an hardware that you can not do without in order to reach the highest level that you would like to achieve? How much time elapses on average before completing a mix of your song(without counting the sound design)? How much have you studied, practiced before taking the “risky sideways” decision of focus on music and leave, as i read on broken interview, your previous job? Clearly you did it when you feel ready but have you had a mentor or someone already in the music business who has “sent you” on a way to go or that give to you some advice before taking this so seriously? You are / you were both guitarists, have you played together in the past? that’s how you met? Is there something to listen that you’ve recorded in the past? Perhaps are too many questions, someone maybe a little distant from the topic.. i hope this do not mind !!
Total estimate for you!!!
Cheers from Italy
with Best Thanks:)!!

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