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Hi Guys. Glad to be here and thanks for the questions. Will do my best to answer everything fully, but if you don’t understand something or want a follow up, feel free to ask. Ok lets get going….

These days things are a lot more detailed. There is more focus on the technical production side than there was back in the early days. What i mean by that is we pay more attention to things like for example, does this sound have good mid/side balance? How does it collapse in mono? Ten years ago, we didn’t do anything like that. We just sorta swung for the fences. In a large part i think that was because our monitoring set up was so weak we couldnt really hear things on that level of detail, but also simply because we didn’t know or care. Sure we made some great tracks back then, but we also made some that sounded pretty rough… We were able to make them faster because everything was rougher. Perhaps that helps ‘build a vibe’ I’m not sure. It’s certainly plausible that spending too much time stressing about technical mix details could kill the spark that makes music great. I guess you need to find a balance.

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