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1. What do we make drums. We use all sorts. Superior drummer is good for making ‘room’ layers. Also i like to make hats in superior drummer. I make a groove, then i bounce it. I will distort is using trash 2 on various settings till it sounds a bit tougher, then bounce it again. Then i cut them tighter into slices, and pitch them up as much as sounds right, then adjust the transients. Its a bit long winded, it doesn’t always work but its and interesting way to get a tight sound. Addictive drums is good too if you prefer that. Its much of a muchness.
Sometimes we use old breaks. I quite like finding hold hats with interesting character and laying them in.
Kicks and snares are sometimes synth programmed, but generally made by layering software like Superior Drummer with other samples.

2. Fav soft synths – Serum, FM8, Diva, Spire. Fav distortion – Trash 2, Camelphat, Saturn and the d16 Decimort and Redopter.

3. Hardware – Not so much at the moment. The most used would be our Manley Pultec EQ which we use on our rides and overheads. Vocals quite often get put through our Buzz Opto Compressor and sometimes we use an API 2500 on the mix bus. We have a Moog and an Andromeda but getting them out is a pain.

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