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Yeah i know its a old one. But it still does the job. I mean Camelphat is much the same. Its old as fuck but everyone still uses it. Why do i use the inflator? Well firstly its not really a simple compressor or limiter. Its more of a harmonic driver with a clip control. If you read the manual they are pretty hazy on what it does behind the scenes. What i can tell you is it can be used as a kind of tube emulator type thing or a kind or ‘upward limiter’ depending on how you set it. The good thing is it doesn’t kind of mangle the dynamics like some processors can. I don’t use it on the master bus, it doesn’t like hot signals i don’t think. I tend to use it to ‘inflate’ (funny that) channels before they feed into the groups, or sometimes groups before they feed into the master. It can buy you a little more perceived volume without actually increasing the metered RMS level. Its just a way of sneaking a little extra volume across the mix process. It doesn’t always sound great of course, you have to use your ears.

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