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Everyone has there own way of doing drums. Pat likes using live layers for pretty much everything. Im a little more reserved in that respect, but i do like using live layers for cymbals and percusion. I guess we usually meet somewhere in the middle in that we end up with modern kicks and snares blended with live components.

In terms of plugins, obviously compression. I like fast feed forward compressors like the API 2500 which we are lucky to own (hardware) but we don’t always employ it. Plugins like the Glue sometimes sound better, more aggressive in some respects that hardware emulations. We also often try using a little distortion on a wet dry mix. Maybe the Fatso emulation from UAD, or Trash 2. Be sure not to overdo distortion because you lose transient detail. Its about trying different settings for different tracks. Transient designers on the individual channels feeding into the groups can also help add more bite and tightness.

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