Reply To: Advice for newcomer producers?


Wow some great tips there!

Just off the top of my head and may not relate directly to your question but.

Take plenty of breaks when producing I usually try have a 5 minute break every hour to rest my ears.

Spend days making just samples to use later in tunes. specially drums as they are very transient instruments that I find are taxing on your ears. Once you are ready to start writing a tune you don’t have to spend 3 hours getting your drums tight and then start writing a tune with tired ears.

Spend time analyzing tunes from artists you like in a frequency analyzer and rms meter. It is a great tool to help improve your productions. you can really pick apart tracks and basically see where they are placing all of their instruments and how loud they are.

I think finishing as many tunes as you can is a very good exercise even if it is wasted time as they sound terrible initially, over time you will improve in the other areas. But if you are not finishing tunes you dont even have the chance to improve in that area. As the genie said its just finding a balance.

Most of all enjoy the journey.

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