That is true you could call this one a parallel if you take 3 axis and bring them back on the same output. But i think z-plane is and old name for that.

on one explanation earlier here i stated this.
3. Would you care to explain in any detail how to setup filters in z-plane for bass? I understand the fundamentals of the procedure but have only obtained morph filtering instead of z-plane

Hardly here, imagine a cube in 3d space and a dot inside which is a variable traveling to xyz so thats 6 xy pads working together to explaining this movement in a cube and every side is routed to one filter so 6 times 2 is 12 automations which can be applied to filters distortions and whole channel chains. It is more then a filter now. Fl studio is good for even creating some projects that are actually instruments. This is the side chained principle of the z-plane which i upgraded to my needs.

Now you can parallel eq states as well and their movement from one eq to another can be declared as filtering operation, The interesting list goes on when you make parallel z-plane effects chain.

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