Finding extensive bandpass filtering results in the most evocative and expressive movements when applied to bass noises, but at the cost of thinning and weakening them. What are your favourite methods for maintaining aggression and presence despite substantial filtering on your bass sounds?

How do you cope with your Virus TI adding low-level noise when running sounds through its inputs, as you presumably put things through it a few times, and distortion and limiting quickly brings noise into audible territory.

Thank you Adis, love your art.

Different distortion plugins flattens some profound bandpass problems most of the time in my case, so i kinda believe this rule can easily be adopted by other producers as well. Ohmicide, Subvert, Reaktor user community distortion plugins. In other cases slamming a signal to spl vitalizer mk2-t outboard hardware unit.

Depends, i rarely remember about that low level noise since im a balkan nomad maxing even inputs XD. I dont have problems with that, if i go into micro sound design, i clean in afterwards if i need to. But in my books noise is kinda natural thing of its own. So 50/50.
I like dirty samples. Juno 106 is my favourite dirtsaw. For those who dont like it you can always clean it by capturing noise profile and killing it, well i keep it as simple as that.

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