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I asked the same for the state of mind q&a so hopefully this is okay to ask again.

It’s mainly so i can see how multiple producers work

so my question is..


I’d love to know where you generally keep all your stem levels at when producing a track? for instance do you start off on say -15db to give plenty of headroom for various elements to avoid clipping.

I’m always a little confused what a good level is to sart with, i don’t want my tracks to sound like there’s a limiter just cutting it off, same time i don’t want to have it quiet.

I’ve tried various levels that people suggest but another problem is that eventually when enough elements are added into the tracks they end up going above the -3 to -5 db limit that i set myself, i’d have to continuously keep lowering all my track levels to fit below this limit.

I’m told to give a few db headroom for mastering engineers to work with.

so that in turn always leaves me in a dilemma part way through a track of not knowing how loud or quiet all my stems should be, especially once plug ins etc are applied, the levels start spiking or dropping.

it’s quite demotivating so far, i haven’t been able to properly finish a track because of it.

any advise or info would be appreciated, i literally never see any info on this anywhere else.


thanks Signal.

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