Reply To: My first dnb track looking for feedback


Hi Init,

I gave the tune a run through and from a listeners perspective I really liked;

The intro – The big instruments and orchestral pad/vocal combined create an interesting and engaging sound that keeps me hooked and builds the intensity from the very beginning.

Did you play in the chords or was this from a sample pack?

It’s really nice.

Arrangement – You’ve got a good understanding of how a tune should be structured, there’s lots of peaks and drops that keep the tune running and make it feel like it is moving forward and keeps me engaged.

The drop – at 2mins 8secs through to 2mins 54 secs the intensity and build is superb really enjoyed that.

Things to work on.

Drums & drum fills – The drums definitely need some work, they sound quite vanilla atm and need to really punch through the mix, the arrangement works but they are not as razor sharp as they need to be.

The ending – It feels like you ran out of ideas on how to close the tune out and it just fizzles away.
Would be nice to rework the ending, maybe bring back some of the ideas from the intro so it feels cohesive and tells a story.

I think if you can get the drums really popping and the end of the tune to really close things off you’ve got a really great first tune you should be proud of.

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