Reply To: My first dnb track looking for feedback


Much to be proud of on this tune for sure! The Orchestral music in the intro is really good. Channeling Bach there!

The intro builds the listener into a place that expects a lot, and at this stage the drop is perhaps lacking in a certain modernity to make it stand out. Made 10-15 years ago and this would be more impressive that it is today.
This is not to say it’s not well constructed, you clearly have a good grasp of arrangement and keeping things moving.

It’s just that we want music to pop out… to have that quality that makes the listener instantly know there is no doubting that this tune was made incredibly recently.
It’s a bit of an abstract idea, but with enough study of new tracks, styles and aesthetics you will find out what will make your tune pop out.
Drum grooves and modern, minimalist snares are a good place to start…

The vibe, some of the individual sounds and layout are there. A track like this is worth keeping safe and revisiting when your skills have moved on even more. Often some of your early ideas are actually really good, they just need a ‘you’ from the future to come back and do them justice..
Never dwell on a tune too long, keep moving, keep your mind and DAW fresh…

Nice work though, you have potential for sure 😀

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