Reply To: New Tune 'MODU'

,Eugen Bass

perfect until bar 8. then you i think u need more automation on that bass note. Note is nice but is getting static after more then 2bars. You could for example after the 8bars to put a 12HP on bass and on the next 8 bars to really push that hi end from the reese.

After 16 bars, u got a riser there, thhat is sitting well but what i don’t like is the kick is starting right after. Try give a 4bar rest before introducing the kick.

The kick is also a bit to static and is getting tiring in a while. TBH i think that kick is not your best choice.

Into the drop: Too much mid rangey going on. Either lower them, either get rid of the ”NON-VITAL” bits. If you do this u will then be able to lower the drums just a hint and work on the high-end of the mixdown where the definition and shimmer is going on.

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