Reply To: Lenzman's sample pack


The price of the monthly membership is based on a combination of a tutorial and a sample pack. For £9.99 we are confident this is a good price. And we make sure the samples are all excellent quality, nothing unusable like you may find elsewhere. This month there were 83 samples over 289 MB, when you know how long it takes these artists to make the sounds, you’ll know it’s good value.
Here’s what Halogenix said just this week:

” the stuff I’ve put in the pads section is fucking killer, spent a long time on some of ‘em, days even..”

And you have to remember these guys have been doing production at a top level for years, some into the decades.. so to get their wisdom and hand made sounds for the price of 2-3 drinks each month – we are aware it’s value.

The other thing would be to consider, if we delivered double this amount in samples every month, people would need to be writing a HELL of a lot of tunes to really get to know the sounds and use them all!

Thanks for the interaction though and we hope you enjoy collecting the sounds moving forwards


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