Reply To: New track from me, be nice to get some feedback from you guys :)

,Cliff Morrill

The production sounds great! If I heard this on a d’n’b album I wouldn’t question it, sounds clean and professional! For my personal taste I would of liked some more melodic elements or like the Genie said some re-sampling or something alike to give it that moment you remember and just can’t wait for!
I think what I’m trying to say is either blow the listener away with the sound design and make that the hook or give it a more definitive emotion. What is the track about? Whats the story? What do you want people to feel when they hear it kind of thing.

I hope that helps, and remember thats just my personal taste and I am in no way an expert or even a novice in this genre, I mean seriously… I used to listen to happy hardcore!!!

Feel free to give me your evaluation on any of my works, I would definitely appreciate it, need all the help I can get!! Haha


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