Reply To: Made my first liquid track today! Feedback please?


Nice track!
I have a few things that might help you along!
1. Mix
Some elements of your track are out of balance volume wise in my opinion. I would let de drums be more upfront as they are a bit in the back compared to the rest, especially your kick. The “lead” atmosphere thingy is a bit too loud i think. Your bassline could be louder aswell.

2. Drums
I think you should add more drums to the whole thing, maybe its a good idea to use some top loops to fill it all up. The kick is a tad bit weak in my opinion, maybe you should choose a different sample. Your snare sounds cool but it could maybe use some more power.

3. Bassline
Your bassline sounds definitely cool, but it could use more high end, maybe its a good idea to use a simple reese bass with a lowpass on it.

4. Variation
I think there should be a bit more variation in your track, the bassline is very static. What i mean with that is that i expect the bass notes to change, however they stay the same all the time, it could add a lot to your track if you would make your bassmelody two or four times longer, the melody you have now is great, just a bit the same troughout the track. The same thing goes for the chords and drums, it would be cool if you would change some melodies and change up the drum pattern sometimes. Changes like this can really help you keep a grip on the listeners attention!

Great track nonetheless and I hope I helped you along with this!

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