Reply To: Analysis of S1E04: FD – Bass Sequencing Tips

,Sunken Forest

Big up for doing these write ups Harry! It’s interesting to hear a different opinion on some of the processes involved.

I just wanted to mention something about the tremolo/LFO tool point. Tremolo effects are almost definitely amplitude shaping, just like the guitar pedals, and you tend to be able to shape the ‘LFO’ to a certain degree (adjust phase etc.). If you haven’t dabbled in LFO tool I would highly recommend it. Think of it like the LFO in Serum, which is essentially what it is. You can draw your own breakpoints, adjust curves; you can even modulate other parameters besides the amplitude (drive, cut off, resonance, pan).

I use it on Foley textures and percussion quite a bit, rather than side chaining. Kind of like Signal does with automation clips.

Something I want to try achieving with it is controlling Midi cc with it, but I don’t know if that’s possible in Ableton.

It’s really quite amazing.

Also check out Cableguys Volume Shaper for similar features 🙂

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